NDA & NA Interview & Medical Tests

Majority of students who qualify in the written exam of NDA don’t know about the procedure of interview and medical test and this unawareness leads to their failure in it. As we know that It’s always better to prepare for a test before it. Hence, I’m presenting all the key information about this interview and preparation techniques too.I hope it will help you to crack this exam.

The duration of the SSB interview  for NDA is of 5 days. The whole interview process is divided into two phases-
# Phase-I :  This phase is for  ‘Screening Tests’ which conducted on the first day.

Day Tests/Tasks Description
I 1.Reporting

2.Filling PIQ


You’ve to report at the place of interview mentioned in the call letter.

Once you report, your interview is started.

Remarks-I.You can proceed further only after clearing the screening tests.

II.Candidates who fail to clear the screening are returned by SSB(Service Selection Board).

# Phase-II :  This phase is conducted for those candidates who succeeds in phase-I. This phase includes psychological tests, outdoor tests and personal interview.

Days Tests/Tasks Description
II Psychological Tests ♦ WAT ♦ TAT ♦ SRT  ♦SDT
III Outdoor Tests & Personal Interviews ♦ GD ♦ GPE or MPE ♦ PGT ♦ ST ♦SR ♦ HGT ♦ CT


Personal Interviews of some candidates

IV Outdoor Tests & Personal Interviews ♦ FGT ♦ IOR


Personal Interviews of remaining candidates

V Conference Announcement of recommended candidates

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